Beginning in Spring 2023, the following rule will be in place in the Heartland Lacrosse League:

The USA Lacrosse game rules regarding conduct will be followed until the behavior exceeds the limits of a single red card. At that time, the rules below will be enacted.

Latest Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) Rules on Unsportsmanlike Conduct –

o Any “egregious” unsportsmanlike behavior by Coaches, Players, or Fans two or more times in the same season will cause the SUSPENSION of the Team and/or Individual from the rest of the season. This includes being ineligible to participate in the playoffs.

o Egregious acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will be defined as instances not within the OSSAA adopted rules of the contest. In the event the second act of misconduct occurs when there are no contests left in the current season, the penalty will be applied to the next season in the same activity. The OSSAA will notify the school that the team and/or individual has been placed on warning after the first offense. Unsportsmanlike acts under this policy will include acts by coaches, players, or spectators. “

o “Egregious” acts include examples of fans entering the playing surface to engage in acts such as fighting, constantly verbally attacking officials, attacking other fans, coaches physically or verbally attacking officials, players fighting other players during postgame handshakes, or student sections verbally chanting inappropriate or demeaning chants at individuals, teams, or officials.

Uniform Guidelines

3rd/4th Grade

K-4th Grade Game Rules

4v4 Field Diagram

4×4 (2 Field Layout) Diagram

4×4 (3 Field Layout) Diagram

Middle School (5th – 8th Grade)

7v7 Game Rules.pdf

7v7 Field Diagram for 5th/8th Grade

7v7 Grass Field Diagram for 5th/8th Grade

High School

7v7 Game Rules.pdf


Recording of Rules Review Meeting: 2023 Varsity Coach Meeting Video