We appreciate you taking time to complete the training needed to ensure our girls get the best and safest lacrosse experience possible. Please do not be intimidated by what looks like a large list of classes. The sum of all classes amounts to a few hours, but the rewards are far reaching.

Our league insurance requires several of these courses for coverage, others are needed to ensure consist lacrosse knowledge across our teams.

If you have any questions or issues with the below requirements, please contact us at heartlandlax@gmail.com or Cheryl Prebula at (405) 816-2998.

Step 1: USA Lacrosse Membership

Must have a valid USA Lacrosse membership. Make sure to select the option “Coach” when registering. You may obtain or renew a membership at: https://uslacrosse.org/membership

Or you can call them at 410-235-6882 membership services extension 102

Step 2: Initiate the Background Check from your USA Lacrosse Members –> Menu –> Background Check

Step 3: Fill Out Coach Information Form

After completing the above items, fill out the Coach Form here: https://www.cognitoforms.com/HeartlandGirlsLacrosse/heartlandcoachinfo. You will be automatically emailed a link to upload additional certificates you receive later.

Step 4: Coach Certification

All coaches must be a minimum of level 1, including all the online prerequisites and a green light on your background check.


Step 5: Abuse Prevention Systems

Take the Abuse Prevent course.

USA Lacrosse Members –> Menu–> E-Learning

Search for Abuses Prevention. Once completed, upload this certificate to the Coach Information link you will receive from Heartland mentioned above.

Step 6: NFHS Required Courses

  1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  2. Concussion in Sports
  3. Heat Illness and Prevention

All of these classes are free and can be completed at www.nfhslearn.com. You will be asked to Join the NFHS Coaches Association for $35. You are NOT required to do this. After completing each course, you will need to save the certificate proving you have completed the courses.

Once completed, upload these certificates to the Coach Information link you will receive from Heartland mentioned above.

Once all steps are completed and validate by the Heartland Compliance Officer, you will receive a sideline pass. This sideline pass is required to be with the team on the sideline. This pass will also get you into all games free.

We are trying to minimize the number of people on the sidelines this year due to COVID concerns.

Teams managers and administrators that want to be on the sidelines must meet the above requirements for safety reasons and will be issued a badge.

Volunteers working the table as a score keeper, clock keeper or statistician are not required to have a pass but must not interact with the teams.