Girls’ Field Player


The below items are required for all field players. Cleats are also required and can be either lacrosse, soccer or softball cleats. It is often hard to find lacrosse cleats in our area so most girls will start with soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are generally cheaper as well. Players typically will advance to true lacrosse cleats at the high school level where the design will give them that competitive advantage.

1. Goggles

*Meets the current ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse eyewear

2. Girls’ Stick

3. Mouthguard

*Must be visible color not clear/white

*Self-molding from manufacturer or custom-molded from dentist

Girls’ Field Player


The below items are optional items that some players elect to use.  If a helmet is used, goggles are not required.  Many girls that are not able to use contacts will elect to use a helmet with glasses.

4. Gloves

Close-fitting (not boys)

5. Headgear

Meets current ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse headgear and permanent SEI certification mark. If it includes integrated eyewear, it must also meet that current ASTM standard