Policies and Forms

Below you will find summaries of our most asked about policies and associated forms. The policies are covered in detail in our bylaws and which have been voted on by the teams in our league.

Heartland Forms

Program Declaration Form Used each year by the umbrella program to declare that they plan to participate in Heartland and estimate how many teams they expect to field as well as who their club level contacts for the season will be.  Due by November 15th.
Team Declaration Form Filled out for each individual team fielded by a club.  Due by December 1st for High School, January 15th for Youth.
Coach Information Form Coaches are required to complete this form prior to first practice.
Game Report Form This form is required to be filled out at each game and emailed to heartlandlax@gmail.com.  This is the responsibility of the “Home” team, which is the first team listed on the schedule.
Game Day Responsibilities A checklist for responsibilities for administrators and team managers at games.
District Waiver Request Players that wish to play for a team that is not their assigned team may submit this form to request a waiver to play for another team.  The form will go to the waiver committee for approval.  The player’s parents will be notified whether the waiver is approved or denied.