Three 4 All Tournament

Heartland Lacrosse is thrilled to announce our inaugural 3v3 Fall Tournament on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. The format of this tournament gives players the opportunity to improve and compete in a rapid-fire environment that will allow every player a high number of touches and quick decision making.

Sign up your 3v3 team and compete to be crowned Champion at this exciting one-day event. Spots are limited.

All registered players will receive a tournament t-shirt to commemorate the first year of the tournament.

This is a fundraiser for Heartland Lacrosse. All proceeds will be used for lacrosse marketing in the Heartland Lacrosse region and startup costs for new teams.

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Three 4 All Tournament 2021 Format & Rules

Game Guarantee

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three games over the course of one day.

Game Format

• NO Player may compete or be rostered on more than one team during the tournament. Any team with a player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games which the player has participated in and will not be permitted to play in the playoff rounds.

• Teams will play 3v3 with 3 players on the field at a time. Teams will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 on the roster.

• Standard yellow lacrosse balls will be used and will be supplied by the tournament.

• Fields are 53×25 or 53×30 yards (3 fields running sideline to sideline on a football field)

• Games will be scheduled in 30-minute time blocks

• There will be two 10-minute running halves

• 4-minute halftime

• 6 minutes in between games

• No timeouts

• There will be no draws. One team will be awarded the ball to start the game. The team who doesn’t start with the ball at the beginning of the game will start with it at the second half. To bring the game into play each team stands behind their respective goal they are defending. The official will blow his/her whistle and the game begins.

• There will be no ties in pool play, games will end in a tie.

• If teams are tied at the end of pool play, seeding will be determined based on the following in respective order: head-to-head (which is thrown out in a three-way tie), goals against, goal differential and finally a coin flip.

Rules Overview

• Games will be played with 3 field players per team on the field, no goalies.

• Jerseys and numbers are not required. All players will be provided a tournament t-shirt.

• Goals will have Helga in to limit scoring.

• Substitutions can be made at any time on the fly. A player must not enter the field until a player has left.

• You must make 1 pass in the offensive zone prior to shooting on every possession; we want to encourage passes and everybody touching the ball. A pass must be attempted – if the receiving player drops the pass and picks it back up, it counts as a pass. If there is an attempted shot and the ball goes out of bounds but remains in the same team’s possession, another pass does NOT need to be made. This rule only applies when the ball changes possession.

• No goals can be made behind half field.

• After each goal the team that was scored on takes the ball out of the goal and must initiate a pass to bring the ball back into play. No whistle to start back up, players will self-start.

• To restart play once the ball goes out of bounds player must start out of bounds and make a pass into play. All defensive players must give the player attempting to get the ball back into play 5 yards. Player attempting to put ball back into play is given 5 yards to use.

• All penalties will result in a player being sent off the field to the substitution area to be exchanged for another player on his/her team

• All rulings made by the official will be final and stand as called on the field.

Each of the following is considered an unsportsmanlike foul and will result in being ejected from the game:

1. Foul Language / Swearing

2. Excessive Coach Actions – Coaches need to promote a positive fun environment and need not speak to any referee and/or table person during the game

3. Arguing Calls

4. Fighting

5. Overly Physical Play

• All participants must register by November 1, 2021.

• Pool play and championship play

• In the final two minutes of bracket play games, the officials will stop the clock after goals, penalties and injuries.

Player Eligibility

• Each team must be placed in the age bracket of the oldest player on their team, players may play up, but may not play down


There will be pool play and championship play in the Three 4 All Tournament. How well a team does in pool play will determine their seeding for the championship. Seeding ties are broken in the following way:

1. Record in pool play

2. Head-to-head*

3. Goals against

4. Goal differential

5. Coin flip

*In the case of a two-way tie head-to-head record will be used, in the case of a three way tie the seeding tie will be broken by goals against- NOT head-to-head

* In the case that a team forfeits a game, the score will be recorded as a 6-0 loss for that team.