Announcing the Heartland 2022 All-Star Players

What is an “All-Star”?

Each year we provide an opportunity for teams to showcase players that represent the values that team feels are important, whether that is skill, attitude, attendance, or a combination of all the above. These players are then recognized and rewarded with participation in an exhibition game during championship weekend.

The goal of the All-Star games is league comradery and showcasing league talent.

Games will be played at Jenks Middle School

  • Middle School Division II – 9:00 AM
  • Middle School Division I – 10:30 AM
  • High School Junior Varsity – 2:30 PM
  • High School Varsity – 4:00 PM

Players listed below should report to the field at least one hour prior to their game time.

Varsity All-Stars – Game at 4:00 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bentonville Emily MacDonald Midfield 11
Bentonville Ila Tackett Midfield 12
Bentonville Lauren Richardson Defense 11
Bentonville Rory Conner Midfield 10
Bentonville Sara Jimenez Attack 12
Bixby Blakely Ashbaugh Defense 11
Bixby Kaelyn Southall Attack 11
Bixby Lilly Wright Attack 11
Bixby Paola Bojorquez Defense 11
Bixby Samantha McKimmey Midfield 10
Endurance Adriana Prebula Defense 10
Endurance Jaidyn Cannon Defense 12
Endurance Jaydan McLaren Attack 12
Endurance Kaidynce Cochran Attack 11
Endurance Kendall Payne Midfield 11
Jenks Ally Forbes Midfield 11
Jenks Haylie Porter Attack 12
Jenks Kayla Allen Defense 11
Jenks Maggie Weikel Attack 10
Jenks Sarah Loehrke Midfield 10
Owasso Delaney Bunch Midfield 10
Owasso Grace Partney Midfield 10
Owasso Kasha Graham Defense 10
Owasso Kya Taylor Midfield 12
Owasso Olivia McNichol Attack 12
Republic Anna Davidson Attack 12
Republic Briana Workman Midfield 10
Republic Ella Young Midfield/Defense 11
Republic Jocelyn Burgess Attack 12
Republic Mari Davidson Midfield 10
Tulsa Alliance Madeline Barton Midfield 12
Tulsa Alliance Maggie Hart Attack 11
Tulsa Alliance MB Snellings Defense 10
Tulsa Alliance Sophie Evans Defense 10
Tulsa Alliance Taylor Rhoades Midfield 12
Union Ember Bayouth Attack 11
Union Kylie Farquhar Midfield 12
Union Lisa Goodhart Attack 12
Union Paris Chicoine Midfield 12
Union Scarlett Broomhall Attack 12

Junior Varsity All-Stars – Game at 2:30 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bentonville Eastyn Murphy Midfield 9
Bentonville Katheryn Lopez Midfield/Goalie 10
Bentonville Kyrah Washington Defense 11
Bentonville Myah Moran Attack 10
Bentonville Sidney Esterer Midfield 11
Bixby Kendall LaBouff Attack 9
Bixby Lexi Eaves Midfield 11
Bixby Lexi Teter Defense 10
Bixby Peyton Knuckles Attack 10
Bixby Quinn Nielsen Middie 9
Jenks Analyn Papineau Midfield 10
Jenks Emma Brackett Defense 10
Jenks Lillian Anagnost Midfield 10
Jenks London Flowers Attack 10
Jenks Sarah Turner Defense 10
Republic Ally Skidmore Attack/Midfield 11
Republic Elli Woodward Attack/Midfield 10
Republic Emily Weaver Midfield 10
Republic Evelyn Carter Defense 11
Republic Taylor Ross Attack 10
Union Brooke Cleary Defense 9
Union Katelyn Hayball Midfield 11
Union Laney Porter Defense 11
Union Leah Ring Attack/Defense 11
Union Victoria Anaya Defense 11

Division I All-Stars – Game at 10:30 AM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bixby Alyvia Morris Midfield 7
Bixby Langley Costello Attack 7
Bixby Norah Dory Attack 7
Bixby Posie LaBouff Midfield 7
Bixby Reese Humphries Midfield 8
Endurance Bree Austin Attack/Midfield/Defense 7
Endurance Jolie Rosetti Attack/Midfield/Defense 8
Endurance Reese Ginn Attack/Midfield 7
Endurance Scarlett Fay Attack/Midfield 7
Endurance Sienna O’Hare Attack/Midfield 6
Jenks Amber Kinsey Midfield 7
Jenks Chloe Guiterrez Midfield 8
Jenks Cora Streich Defense/Goalie 8
Jenks Elliebeth Weikel Midfield 8
Jenks Tabby Brown Attack 8
Metro Christian Julia Riley Attack 7
Metro Christian Mikalee Rhodes Attack/Midfield 8
Metro Christian Raylee Grimes Attack/Midfield 8
Metro Christian Sally Spear Midfield 8
Metro Christian Sydney Berg Midfield/Defense 8
Owasso Alexis Martin Attack/Midfield 8
Owasso Kyleigh Green Attack/Midfield 7
Owasso Kylie Hull Midfield 7
Owasso Veronica Magill Midfield 8
Owasso Zoe Wamstad Attack 8
Tulsa Alliance Alexis Padalino Goalie 8
Tulsa Alliance Kate Roller Midfield 8
Tulsa Alliance Layla Kidd Attack 8
Tulsa Alliance Lela Ahlfenger Midfield 8
Tulsa Alliance Tessa Roberts Midfield 8
Union Ali Lomeli Defense 6
Union Faith Wood Goalie 6
Union Hannah Johnson Midfield 8
Union Nicole Paez Attack/Midfield 7
Union Zyla Hoge Midfield 8

Division II All-Stars – Game at 9:00 AM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bixby Eliza Riffe Middie 7
Bixby Hollace Costello Attack 5
Bixby Kinley Miner Midfield 7
Bixby Rachel Inman Midfield 6
Bixby Sophie Hsu Attack 6
Endurance Gracie Bowen Attack/Midfield/Defense 7
Endurance Lyric Goins Attack/Defense 7
Endurance Tessa Mills Attack/Midfield/Defense 6
Endurance Trinity Cox Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Black Basil Poorboy Midfield 6
Jenks Black Caroline Zimmerman Midfield 6
Jenks Black Channing Wheeler Goalie 5
Jenks Black Gwen Patterson Midfield 6
Jenks Black Tinsley Johnson Attack 5
Jenks Chrome Alana Quintanar Attack 5
Jenks Chrome Courtney Coker Midfield 6
Jenks Chrome Lauren Kelly Goalie 6
Jenks Chrome Maya Lehwald Midfield 6
Metro Christian Addie Miller Midfield 5
Metro Christian Gabby Lamoreaux Midfield 4
Metro Christian Katie Garrott Midfield 5
Metro Christian Leah Korf Goalie 5
Metro Christian Rylie Nutt Midfield 5
Tulsa Alliance Annabel Bynum Attack 6
Tulsa Alliance Claire Heatherman Midfield 6
Tulsa Alliance Finley Gehring Midfield 5
Tulsa Alliance Keira Dailey Attack 6
Tulsa Alliance Natalija Taylor Goalie 6