Announcing the Heartland 2023 All-Star Players

What is an “All-Star”?

Each year we provide an opportunity for teams to showcase players that represent the values that team feels are important, whether that is skill, attitude, attendance, or a combination of all the above. These players are then recognized and rewarded with participation in an exhibition game during championship weekend.

The goal of the All-Star games is league comradery and showcasing league talent.

Games will be played at Allan Trimble Stadium (Jenks HS) on Sunday, 5/7

  • High School Junior Varsity – 3:00 PM
  • High School Varsity – 4:30 PM
  • Middle School Division I – 6:00 PM
  • Middle School Division II – 7:30 PM

Players listed below should report to the field at least one hour prior to their game time.

Varsity All-Stars – Game at 4:30 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bentonville Emily MacDonald Midfield 12
Bentonville Helena Bacon Attack 12
Bentonville Kailey Carreno Goalie 11
Bentonville Megan Brown Defense 12
Bentonville Rory Connor Midfield 11
Bixby Blakely Ashbaugh Defense 12
Bixby Kaelyn Southall Attack 12
Bixby Lauren Level Midfield 12
Bixby Lexi Lowe Defense 12
Bixby Lexi Teter Defense 11
Endurance Adriana Prebula Defense 11
Endurance Ashby Stemmons Goalie 9
Endurance Kaidynce Cochran Attack 12
Endurance Kendall Payne Midfield 12
Endurance Lauren Langwell Attack/Midfield 11
Endurance Michela Jakofcich Midfield/Defense 12
Jenks Addison Porter Midfield 10
Jenks Ally Forbes Midfield 12
Jenks Kayla Allen Defense 12
Jenks Maggie Weikel Attack 11
Jenks Sarah Loehrke Midfield 11
Owasso Allie VanAtta Midfield 12
Owasso Delaney Bunch Attack 11
Owasso Grace Partney Midfield 11
Owasso Jacee Grinsteinner Attack 10
Owasso Kasha Graham Midfield 11
Owasso Rayann Cruz Goalie 10
Patriots Maggie Hart Attack 12
Patriots Mikalee Rhodes Attack 9
Patriots Sally Spear Midfield 9
Patriots Sydney Berg Defense 9
Patriots Tessa Roberts Midfield 9
Tigers Claire Norris Midfield 8
Tigers Emily Weaver Attack 11
Tigers Evelyn Carter Defense 12
Tigers Mari Davidson Midfield 11
Tigers Taylor Ross Attack 11
Tigers Nola Burgess Goalie 10
Union Brooke Cleary Defense 10
Union Ember Bayouth Attack 12
Union Hanna Johnson Midfield 9
Union Katelyn Hayball Attack 12
Union Laney Porter Defense 12

Junior Varsity All-Stars – Game at 3:00 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bentonville Emilee Deans Goalie 9
Bentonville Lauren Sayadian Defense 9
Bentonville Lexie Mangin Defense/Midfield 9
Bentonville Madison Hannon Midfield/Defense 9
Bentonville Myah Moran Midfield/Attack 11
Bixby Addison Gage Attack 9
Bixby Nellie Robinson Defense 9
Bixby Peyton Knuckles Attack 11
Bixby Quinn Nielsen Midfield 10
Bixby Reese Humphries Midfield 9
Bixby Sara Cobb Goalie 11
Jenks Analyn Papineau Defense 11
Jenks Ella Westemeir Midfield 9
Jenks Emma Peoples Defense 9
Jenks Lily Heffington Midfield 9
Jenks Tabitha Brown Attack 9
Owasso Annalyssa Giles Midfield 9
Owasso Hailey Rock Defense 9
Owasso Pippy Newell Midfield 10
Owasso Veronica McGill Attack 9
Owasso ZoeKate Boley Attack 10
Patriots Alexis Padalino Goalie 9
Patriots Allie Bradshaw Attack 9
Patriots Annie Moulder Defense 9
Patriots Ava Dilbeck Attack 9
Patriots Claire Esmond Attack 9
Patriots Mia Musick Defense 9
Tigers Reagan Richards Attack 9
Tigers Jenna Ennis Midfield 9
Tigers Julia Ennis Attack 9
Tigers Lauren Riley Defense 9
Tigers Lilllian Hurley Midfield 9
Union Lillie Moreno Goalie 10

Division I All-Stars – Game at 6:00 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bixby Blue Eliza Riffe Midfield 8
Bixby Blue Eva Garrett Goalie 7
Bixby Blue Norah Dory Attack 8
Bixby Blue Posey LaBouff Midfield 8
Bixby Blue Rachel Inman Attack 7
Bixby Blue Sophie Hsu Midfield 7
Bixby Red Alyvia Morris Midfield 8
Bixby Red Hollace Costello Attack 6
Bixby Red Langley Costello Attack 8
Bixby Red Peyton Brumley Defense 8
Bixby Red Reese Rasmussen Goalie 8
Alexa Wiley
Bree Austin
Endurance Gianna Havens Midfield 7
Endurance Maddi Banuelos Defense 8
Endurance Reese Ginn Attack 8
Endurance Scarlett Fay Attack 8
Jenks Black Amber Kinsey All 8
Jenks Black Daisy Coser Defense 7
Jenks Black Evie Mortenson Attack 8
Jenks Black Harley Ripley All 7
Jenks Black Sarah Belle Capozziello Goalie 8
Jenks Chrome Ava Blankenship All 8
Jenks Chrome Gwendolyn Patterson All 7
Jenks Chrome Lauren Kelly Goalie 7
Jenks Chrome Maddie Cardon All 8
Jenks Chrome Maya Lehwald All 7
Owasso Black Brooke Thomas Attack 7
Owasso Black Hannah McBee Midfield 8
Owasso Black Kylie Hull Midfield 8
Owasso Black Morgan Lovelace Defense 8
Owasso Black Peyton Evans Attack 8
Owasso White Addison Warren Attack 8
Owasso White Jada Morgans Defense 8
Owasso White Kyleigh Green Midfield 8
Owasso White Leighton Baldwin Midfield 8
Owasso White Olivia Drake Midfield 8
Patriots Annabel Bynum Midfield/Attack 7
Patriots Audrey Seck Midfield/Defense 7
Patriots Claire Heatherman Midfield 7
Patriots Jade Schneider Midfield 7
Patriots Julia Riley Attack 8

Division II All-Stars – Game at 7:30 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bixby Hadley Hawkins Midfield 5
Bixby Isabelle Burk Attack 6
Bixby Josie Garrison Midfield 5
Bixby Maggie McConnell Goalie 7
Bixby Remy Rush Midfield 5
Bixby Rosie Flores Defense 5
Endurance Kaydence Billings Attack 8
Endurance Megan Milligan Midfield/Attack 7
Endurance Olivia Key Midfield/Attack 5
Endurance Riley Sevin Midfield/Attack 6
Endurance Trinity Cox Goalie 7
Jenks Black Alixandria Lormer Attack 6
Jenks Black Avery Turner Midfield 5
Jenks Black Caroline Hill Midfield 5
Jenks Black Channing Phillips Midfield 6
Jenks Black Payton Nerone Goalie/Attack 5
Jenks Chrome Brynn Haney Attack/Defense/Goalie 5
Jenks Chrome Ever Goldsworthy Attack/Midfield/Defense 5
Jenks Chrome Kate McInelly Midi/Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Chrome Tinsley Johnson Midi/Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Chrome Zoey Bennett Attack/Goalie/Midfield 5
Owasso Addi Comstock Attack/Midfield 5
Owasso Kenna Grahlen Midfield 5
Owasso Lyla Huffman Defense 7
Patriots Adaleigh Miller Midfield/Attack 6
Patriots Katie Garrott Midfield 6
Patriots Leah Korf Attack 6
Patriots Liza Trupia Defense 6
Patriots Rylie Nutt Midfield/Attack 6