Announcing the Heartland 2021 All-Star Players

What is an “All-Star”?

Each year we provide an opportunity for teams to showcase players that represent the values that team feels are important, whether that is skill, attitude, attendance, or a combination of all the above. These players are then recognized and rewarded with participation in an exhibition game during championship weekend.

The goal of the All-Star games is league comradery and showcasing league talent.

Games will be played at Allan Trimble Stadium, Jenks High School

Division II Game – 5/8 @ 4:00 PM

Division I Game – 5/8 @ 5:00 PM

High School Game – 5/9 @ 4:00 PM

Players listed below should report to the field at least one hour prior to their game time.

High School All-Stars – Game 5/9 @ 4:00 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bentonville Bridget Verkamp Middie 12
Bentonville Emily MacDonald Middie 10
Bentonville Ila Tackett Middie 11
Bentonville Jordan Grissom Attack 10
Bentonville Kailey Carreno Goalie 9
Bentonville Lillan Sonner Attack 12
Bentonville Rory Connor Middie 9
Bentonville Sara Jimenez Attack 11
Bixby Kaelyn Southall Middie/Attack 10
Bixby Lauren Level Middie/Defense 10
Endurance Avery Morris Defense 12
Endurance Casey Gormley Attack 12
Endurance Chloe Schultz Middie 12
Endurance Jaidyn Cannon Defense 11
Endurance Kendall Payne Middie 10
Endurance Rayann Bracken 8
Jenks Ally Forbes Center/Middie 10
Jenks Caroline Perna Center 12
Jenks Haylie Porter Attack 11
Jenks Izzy Nguyen Goalie 12
Jenks Kayla Allen Defense 10
Jenks London Flowers Attack/Defense 9
Jenks Macy Hallama Attack 11
Jenks Sylvana McClure Defense/Middie 11
Owasso Allie VanAtta Middie/Attack 10
Owasso Aspen Motley Defense 12
Owasso Heather Sanchez Middie/Attack 11
Owasso Kya Taylor Attack 11
Owasso Olivia McNichol Attack 11
Republic Ally Skidmore Middie/Attack 10
Republic Anna Davidson Middie 11
Republic Emma Curry Middie 11
Republic Jocelyn Burgess Attack 11
Republic Mari Davidson Middie 9
Tulsa Alliance Abby Morey Attack 12
Tulsa Alliance Brylee Maddox Defense 12
Tulsa Alliance Lizzie Smith Middie 12
Tulsa Alliance Mary Beth Snellings Goalie 9
Tulsa Alliance Saige Summerlin Middie 12
Tulsa Alliance Taylor Rhoades Center 11
Union Ember Bayouth Middie/Attack 10
Union Katelyn Hayball Middie/Attack 10
Union Kylie Farquhar Middie/Attack 11
Union Lisa Goodhart Middie/Attack 10
Union McKinley Jarnagin Middie/Defense 12
Union Paris Chicoine Middie/Attack 11
Union Rachel First Defense 12
Union Rileigh Ericsson Middie/Attack 12

Division I All-Stars – Game 5/8 @ 5:00 PM
* Unable to attend
Team Player Name Position Grade
Jenks 7/8 Addison Porter Middie/Defense 8
Jenks 7/8 Chloe Gutierrez Middie 7
Jenks 7/8 Cora Streich Defense 7
Jenks 7/8 Sam Hall Middie 8
Jenks 7/8 Tabby Brown Attack 7
Jenks 7/8 Taryn Yahn Attack 8
Metro Christian Addy Meyers Middie 8
Metro Christian Mikalee Rhodes Middie 7
Metro Christian Quinn Nielsen Middie 8
Metro Christian Raylee Grimes Attack 7
Metro Christian Sally Spear Middie 7
Metro Christian Vivian Welker Attack 7
Owasso Bella Underwood Defense/Attack 8
Owasso Madyson Martinez Middie 8
Owasso Mak Gregg Goalie 8
Owasso Veronica McGill Middie 7
Owasso Zoe Wamstad Defense/Attack 7
Tulsa Alliance U15 Adeline Wagner Defense 7
Tulsa Alliance U15 Katy Warner Goalie 7
Tulsa Alliance U15 Lela Ahlfenger Defense 7
Tulsa Alliance U15 Reagan Reibert Attack 7
Tulsa Alliance U15 Tessa Roberts Middie 7
Union Lillie Moreno Goalie 8
Union Madi Drueppel Attack 8
Union Nicole Paez Defense 6
Union Skylaa Williamson Middie 8
Union Zyla Hoge Middie 7

Division II All-Stars – Game 5/8 @ 4:00 PM

Team Player Name Position Grade
Bixby Spartans Adlee Hicks Attack 7
Bixby Spartans Langley Costello Middie 6
Bixby Spartans Mylee Spurlock Attack 6
Bixby Spartans Reese Humphries Middie 7
Endurance Austyn Fulks Middie/Attack 8
Endurance Bree Austin Middie/Attack 6
Endurance Jolie Rosetti Defense/Middie 7
Endurance Reese Ginn Middie/Attack 6
Jenks Black Caroline Zimmerman Middie 5
Jenks Black Courtney Coker Middie/Defense 5
Jenks Black Gwendolyn Patterson Middie 5
Jenks Black Maya Lehwald Middie 5
Jenks Chrome Amber Kinsey Middie/Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Chrome Ava Blankenship Middie/Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Chrome Evie Mortensen Middie/Attack/Defense 6
Jenks Chrome Lauren Kelly Goalie 5
Tulsa Alliance U13 Annabelle Bynum Middie 5
Tulsa Alliance U13 Audrey Seck Defense 5
Tulsa Alliance U13 Maddie Stoulil Attack 6
Tulsa Alliance U13 Violet Cardoni Goalie 5